Love vino? Try these apps.

Uncork with help from these apps: Wine4.Me, Hello Vino, Out of Milk.


“Wine4.Me uses rock solid data to take the guesswork out of finding the right wines for YOU.”

I love Twitter. I learn so much. Mashable recently Tweeted a link to an article called “5 Can’t-Miss Apps”. One of the apps they highlighted was Wine4.Me.

I’ve admitted before that I am not a wine expert. I know what I like, but sometimes the tasting notes provided by the winery are little help to me. just might solve that problem.

According to the publisher, VineSleuth, breaks through all of the hype and marketing and gives you recommendations based upon your reactions to wines you already know you like. The app also offers food pairing advice, and not in a snobby way – they even mention mac n’ cheese.

As of now, Wine4.Me is available only in the Apple App Store, but they say it will soon be at Google Play, too. I can’t wait to give it a try on my Galaxy s5.

Hello Vino

“Need Help Shopping for Wine? There’s an app for that.”

What can Hello Vino do for you?

  • suggest wine pairings
  • recommend wine based on your likes
  • offer gift ideas for wine lovers

Hello Vino is a repeat winner in the best wine app categories on multiple sites, including Wine Enthusiast, RefuGeeks, and NewsWatch. Available for in the App Store and on Google Play, this free app is highly rated.

Hello Vino touts itself as “a free app for the rest of us”. I am definitely a member of “the rest of us”.

If you need wine suggestions, Wine4.Me and HelloVino should take care of you. But, wine lovers can also use apps to help them inventory the wine they already have, or add wine to their shopping list.

I’ve used several grocery apps over time – some free, some paid for. I keep coming back to Out of Milk.

Out of Milk 

Out of Milk is more than just a basic grocery list. OOM allows you to create and modify lists on your phone, tablet, and via their web site, then sync it all together. You can also share your list with other people – spouse, personal shopper, the best friend that always seems to be going to the store.

You can create multiple lists within OOM – one for groceries, one for Home Depot, one for seasonal decorations, one for flowers and plants, etc. So, yes, you can create a wine shopping list.

OOM also has a pantry feature that I have fallen in love with.

Last Thanksgiving I was getting ready to make my traditional oyster dressing. It seems like every year I buy new nutmeg because I can’t remember if I already have any. So, I decided it was time to inventory my spices. An inventory list is obviously only useful if you have it with you standing in the aisle at the store. So, I needed to put the list on my phone. OOM made that easy.

In the main menu there are Shopping Lists, To-Do Lists, and Pantry Lists. (And if you live in a larger area, Local Grocery Deals.)

I simply created a pantry list for Spices, then scanned the bar codes of what I already had. For each spice I was able to input how much of the spice I had in stock, too.  I now have a complete list of the spices in my cabinet, so I will know for sure if I need to buy more. And I can quickly move a spice from the Pantry List to a Shopping List. Spice inventory problem solved.

But I still had one other inventory problem – wine. As I’ve said before, I’m a slightly educated novice when it comes to wine. But, wine in my house seems to multiply like bunnies. I bring wine home from trips as a souvenir, I joined a wine club in Dry Creek, and I love meandering the aisles of my local Binny’s and Friar Tuck’s. But, I don’t have a fancy wine cellar. I have an antique walnut buffet and a small wine fridge. Bottles get pushed to the back of the buffet making it difficult to see what’s in there.  And as the wine multiplies, the problem worsens – especially since I’m one of those people who considers any wine over $15/bottle “fancy” and I save it for a “special occasion”. Apparently, my standards for a “special occasion” have been quite rigid. I save it, then buy new, “reasonable occasions” wine. I have no problem creating a “reasonable occasion”.

Since you can see where this story is going, I’ll make it quick… I created a Wine Rack in my Pantry Lists, and now I know exactly what I already have at home. I’m able to categorize and quantify the wines, and can easily move wines to my shopping list.

Out of Milk is available in both a free and paid premium version at Google Play and in the App Store. I will say, as with any app, actually read the reviews before you dismiss an app. OOM had some bugs early on with certain phone models, but they seem to be fixed now. I’ve been using the app for several years, and anytime I have noticed a problem, it has been fixed almost immediately.

Hopefully, these apps will somehow simplify your life. Slainte!


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