Rickshaw Velo… commuter, carry-on, utility pack.

Months ago I promised a review of my new Rickshaw Bagworks Velo Backpack. What happened? Life.

Sometimes life takes over, we get busy, and the next thing you know I realize that I can’t quite call myself a blogger if I am not, in fact, blogging. But, today that changes.

So, the Velo.

veloWhat can I say? Since July, since “life happened”, I think I have carried it with me every day. 

We flew across the pond and visited Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and the Nederlands together.

We carried thousands of dollars of cameras, computers and tablets together.

We weekended in Michigan and Chicago together.

We commute to work carrying grade book, papers to grade, a laptop (sometimes two), a tablet (sometimes two), and all of the accessories I need for a day at work.

And the verdict… I love this bag. I do. I wasn’t sure I would when I opened the box, but love happened.

So, what do I like about the Velo?

  • It’s waterproof.
  • It’s cavernous.
  • It’s well-built. 

With the Waterproof X-Pac sailcloth material, I don’t have to worry about the weather; my cameras, tablet, sweatshirt and journal will stay dry. I ordered the large, which was a bit scary since I am only 5’4″, but it has been very versatile. I can carry a weekend trip’s clothing, toiletries and electronics easily. I can use it as a daypack when traveling and carry my Canon T4i with multiple lenses, my Samsung NX300 with multiple lenses, an iPad, a Samsung Galaxy Note tablet, Moleskine journal, Samsung Galaxy S5 mobile phone and more.The quality stitching and materials mean that after months of hard use, it shows absolutely no sign of wear and tear. The padded computer sleeve can be removed (attaches via velcro) whenever I carry my smaller laptop with its own sleeve, or when I need more room; or, I can leave it in for a little extra padding on my back.

What would I love to see added to the bag?

– A place to carry a water bottle or travel coffee mug.

– A little padding on the seatbelt shoulder straps. Yes, you can order the optional deluxe shoulder assembly, but then the bag starts to be too bulky, too rugged, and not as simple.

– A few loops sewn inside the main compartment would allow users to customize the inside with key straps, tags, etc.

– Oh, and you know that padded laptop sleeve? I still think that with a center stitch it could easily be turned into a 2 wine bottle carrier. Hear that, Rickshaw? More versatility.

Would I buy the Velo again? Absolutely, though I don’t see needing a new one for years.
Would I recommend the Velo to friends? Already have. Strangers, too.
Will I buy more Rickshaw products? I will never hesitate to buy from Rickshaw. They custom make quality products right here in the U.S.A. What’s not to love?


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