Decisions, decisions… and my dilemma.

When I think about travel, I think about upgrading my gear. I am a firm believer that you can never have too many bags… until it comes to actually footing the bill. Then I’m a flip-flopper.

See a bag. Check it out. Add it to my cart. Leave it in my cart. Think about it. Go back and stalk it. Almost complete the purchase. Think. Stalk. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

I am currently stalking two bags…

The Tortuga Air and the Tom Bihn Spiff Kit.

Do I need either of them? No, not really.
Do I want to spend the money on them? No, not really.
Do I stalk them online every few days. Yup.

So… If I don’t need them, why do I want them so bad? I love the idea of them.

The Tortuga Air

1 tortuga-air-45-degrees-right_grande

The Tortuga Air

I have a Tom Bihn Aeronaut 45. I love my Aeronaut. I was tempted to buy the Aeronaut 30 when it came out last year. But, it was so similar to the 45, which I already had, that it seemed redundant.

Then, Carryology named the Tortuga Air a finalist in their 3rd Annual Carry Awards. (The 30 made the finals, too.)

It’s a different style than Tom Bihn. I love Tom Bihn, but different is good. And I already have the 45.

So, why haven’t I bought one, yet? I have the 45. Do I really need the Air?

1 TB0906_09b

Tom Bihn Aeronaut 45

Yes, it is a bit smaller; but, most of the time I can use the extra space in the 45. Example, last week on a trip to California for only 4 days I put my camera bag in the 45 instead of carrying it separately.

So, do I really need to spend the money on the Air? Weigh in. Let me know what you think!

What’s the other bag I’m stalking?

Tom Bihn Spiff Kit

Toiletry kits. Everyone makes one. I already own a few. But, I still haven’t found that perfect kit.

1 toiletrykit_01b

Tom Bihn Spiff Kit

My L.L. Bean kit is too big for air travel.

My Tom Bihn 3-D clear organizer isn’t big enough.

Then I see that Tom has come out with the Spiff.

I am intrigued.

Could this be the toiletry bag I’ve been waiting for? The toiletry bag I need? My toiletry bag soul mate?

It’s possible. But, since I have made do with other bags, do I really need to spend the money?

You see, that’s really the heart of my dilemma. Every dime I spend on travel bags and gear to make travel easier could be spent on a plane ticket… actually traveling.


3 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions… and my dilemma.

  1. Thanks for considering the Air, Emily. I’ve downsized to using it pretty much exclusively (over the Tortuga) when I travel. The Air is also my daily laptop/gym clothes bag.

    Of course, if you don’t need another bag, don’t buy it. We want you to love your bag, whatever it is, not resent it.

    The Air’s strengths, relative to the Aeronaut 45, are:
    * Comfort/ergonomics – The Air is designed to be a backpack, not a convertible bag, so the padding and shoulder straps are optimized for comfort. Duffels are bad for your shoulders.
    * Carrying electronics – The Air has a dedicated laptop/tablet/ereader pocket which you can reach without opening up the bag.
    * Organizing small stuff – The organizer panel in the front pocket is great for corralling cards, pens, papers, your passport, and a phone.
    * Traveling ultralight – When you DO need that extra space, the Air expands to 35L. But, when you don’t, you can zip it down to 27L for ultralight carry.

    If those points are important to you, you just might love the Air. If not, I think you’re set. Hope this helps.

    Happy travels,
    Fred Perrotta
    Co-Founder, Tortuga Backpacks


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