Secret Weapon: Dawn Dish Soap

Cleaning the bathroom? Don’t forget the Dawn¹! Seriously.   

I live in a 1970ish ranch-style house and have for 14 years. And for 14 years I have battled the 70s in my house, especially in the bathrooms. Half-tiled walls, both of them. One was yellowish-greenish in a noncommittal way, and the other was avocado green. I managed to replace the avocado wall tile with white bead board, and paint the walls in both baths. But, even the bath tub surround was an off-goldish-yellowish tile, and the shower stall was avocado green tile (until I used tile paint to paint it white – which is now peeling). Where there is tile, there is grout. Where there is grout, there is mildew. Even if you kill the mildew, there are still mildew stains.

And that, my friends, is the battle.

Mildew vs. Me

To date, Mildew has had a slight lead.

Until now.

I have tried every brand name chemical that promised to remove mildew. No luck. I used a steamer. No luck.

As I stood in the cleaning products aisle at my local Amish grocery store, The Country Salvage, (aka, Trader Josiah’s) staring at a plethora of products I had already tried, looking for my new ammunition in the fight against my arch nemesis (mildew), a lady told me that she had heard Dawn¹ and white vinegar worked. She’d seen it on Pinterest¹ or somewhere like that. All she knew was that the two liquids needed to be microwaved. I left thinking, I’ll check that out. I never did.

But today I thought, What the heck? I’ll try it anyway.

Heavens to Betsy² it worked! 

The mildew and stains came clean with light scrubbing!

Here’s the not-so-precise recipe I used: 

  • In a giant (8 cup) Pyrex¹ bowl, mix 1 part original blue Dawn and 2 parts white vinegar.
  • Microwave until hot, approximately 3 minutes.
  • Use a Dobie¹ scrubbing sponge, a scrubbing brush, or a 3M¹ scouring pad (if it won’t scratch).
  • You might need to open a window, it can be quite strong.

Thinking that vinegar and Dawn¹ can’t possibly be harmful, I spilled a little on the floor where the taupe grout between ceramic tiles was hard to get clean and was darker in the high traffic areas. Spill + Scrub = Clean!

Then I ran hot water in my bath tub, added Dawn¹ and white vinegar (about a 3 second squirt and 2 giant splashes, maybe about a cup, of vinegar³), and soaked my hanging shower caddy. The bamboo had a little mildew and slight stains, and the metal showed surface rust. Boom! Add a Dobie¹ and it was a gone!

¹ Please don’t sue me over using brand names. The copyright symbol was annoyingly large. WordPress, can you do something about that?
² No, I do not know who Betsy is.
³ I’m sorry, I’m inept.

Credit Card Rainbow


I’ve noticed a trend in cards lately – the colored edge to make them easy and quick to identify in your wallet. (I’m a minimalist, so I carry a pocket-sized wallet, even in my purse.)

If your cards aren’t colored, consider using a Sharpie or paint pen to edge them yourself. A silver Sharpie worked great for me.