Alessandro Michelazzi… stunning photography.

Alessandro Michelazzi

Photography blog from Florence – a definite must.

Disclaimer: Do not let the lack of photos here to keep you from checking out Michelazzi’s blog. I did not have permission to share his copyrighted work.

Before today I had no idea who Alessandro Michelazzi was. After today I will be sure to check in on his blog frequently.

To put it simply, I find his photography stunning.

How did I hear about Michelazzi? Randomly. I recently purchased a Samsung NX300 mirrorless compact camera for traveling. I was online searching for tips and tricks to help me get the best photos I can for an upcoming trip to Europe. My search first led me to There I found several guest posts about the NX300. One was a September 2013 user review by Michelazzi where he shared some photos from a trip to Russia.  Continue reading


Paris never disappoints.

IMG_2048 IMG_2425 IMG_2423 IMG_2421 cropped-img_20001.jpg IMG_2112

The skies in Paris have never disappointed me. Paris really is the “City of Light”. I’m not sure what it is, but on a sunny day the skies are the bluest blue. As the sun sets, the clouds filter light into mesmerizing patterns that bounce off of the Seine, the cobblestones.

I’ve heard many say that they really weren’t that impressed with Paris. I simply don’t get it. I cannot explain how someone cannot be enthralled with this gorgeous city.

Maybe it’s the lens.

Looking through the lens of a camera, I see more beauty, more play of light, more grace. The loud tourists mute. The dirty stone seems brighter.

The lens has never disappointed me. Paris has never disappointed me.

All photos ©Emily Coombe. Photos shown unedited.